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How Did Meteor Tours Begin?

Brandon Cunning Beale Street

My name is Brandon Cunning and I was born and raised in Washington, PA, located just outside of Pittsburgh.  I've always had a love of anything from the 50’s. The music of the era has been my main passion from an early age.  I received my first guitar at the age of 13. After many years of playing in Pittsburgh, I decided it was time to make a move. Memphis has always called me so I made the city my home in 2007.

I was a radio disc jockey in Memphis for many years before deciding it was time to pursue live music again.  I put together my first band in Memphis, and before I knew it, I was backing up the legends I grew up listening to; From Sonny Burgess to Smoochy Smith to J.M. Van Eaton.

I began working as a music tour guide in 2012 for a local tour company and was rated as the top guide for that company.  


In 2015, I co-founded a company called Rockabilly Rides (consistently rated #1 on Trip Advisor!). After many successful years with Rockabilly Rides, I branched out on my own and created Meteor tours.

I love sharing my knowledge of the city I now call home.



glasgow, U.K.

the best thing about this tour is that it can be done to your personal requirements and requests.

mary j.
south Carolina

i highly recommend this tour.

rey v.
phoenix, United states

it was an amazing time with tons of history, behind the scenes tidbits and well-articulated tour so kudos to Brandon for that.  

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