Brandon Cunning Beale Street

Brandon Cunning was born and raised in Washington, PA, located just outside of Pittsburgh. He has always had a love of anything from the 50’s. The music of the era was his main passion from an early age.  He received his first guitar at the age of 13. After many years of playing in Pittsburgh, he decided it was time to make a move. Memphis has always called to him so he made the city his home in 2007.

For many years, Brandon was a radio disc jockey in Memphis before deciding it was time to pursue live music again. He put together his first band in Memphis, and before he knew it, he was backing up the legends he grew up listening to; From Sonny Burgess to Smoochy Smith to J.M. Van Eaton.

Brandon began working as a music tour guide in 2012 for a local tour company, and he was rated as the top guide for that company. He loves sharing his knowledge of the city he now calls home.

In 2015, Brandon co-founded a company called Rockabilly Rides (consistently rated #1 on Trip Advisor!). After many successful years with Rockabilly Rides, Brandon branched out on his own and created Meteor tours.



This Chevrolet bel Air is a full-size automobile that was produced in 1955 and is considered the second generation. 

This Model received all-new styling and power. It weighs 3,456 pounds and is 15 feet long. The styling was crisp, clean and incorporated a Ferrari-inspired grille. 

This model came with a 2-speed powedrglide automatic.

Motor Trend magazine gave the bel air top marks for handling.

Maybelline even now features air-conditioning!

Tours are given caravan style and Maybellene is retired.


glasgow, U.K.

the best thing about this tour is that it can be done to your personal requirements and requests.

mary j.
south Carolina

i highly recommend this tour.

rey v.
phoenix, United states

it was an amazing time with tons of history, behind the scenes tidbits and well-articulated tour so kudos to Brandon for that.